Personal Safety for Nurses

The safety of nurses from workplace-induced injuries and illnesses is important to nurses themselves as well as to the patients they serve. The presence of healthy and well-rested nurses is critical to providing vigilant monitoring, empathetic patient care, and vigorous advocacy. Many workplace stressors that can produce diseases and injuries are present in nursing work environment.

At RNS we take our nurse’s health and safety seriously.


Obligations of Our Clients

As our Nurse will be under the direction and control of a Client, the Client must comply with the provision of all relevant workplace health and safety laws and ensure that our Nurse is not exposed to an environment that would risk his or her health, safety and/or welfare whilst at work at the Host Workplace. The Client has this obligation to the Nurse pursuant to the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (Qld) and other State and Territory workplace health and safety legislation.

The Client must immediately report to RNS any injuries suffered by a Nurse or any incident at the Client’s workplace that exposed a Nurse to an immediate risk to the health and/or safety of the Nurse.


Obligations of RNS

RNS has obligations to our Nurses under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (Qld) and other State and Territory workplace health and safety legislation. This obligation requires RNS to do everything reasonably practicable to ensure its employees are not exposed to risks to the health, safety and welfare when at work. As part of this obligation, RNS is required to conduct workplace health and safety audits of Host Workplaces prior to placing our Nurses at the Host Workplace for the first time and on regular intervals thereafter. Accordingly, RNS will liaise with the client’s management to arrange a mutually suitable time for either themselves or a nominated person to meet and accompany an RNS auditor for the purpose of their conducting the workplace health and safety audits at the Host Workplace.

Obligations of Agency Nurses

Agency Nurses are to follow our Client’s policies and procedures in relation to workplace health and safety including manual handling, infection control and hand washing. It is also a mandatory requirement of RNS that all nurses must complete annual refresher courses with a view to protect our Agency Nurses, the patients they care for and the team they work with.


Workplace Incident Form

If an Accident or Incident occurs, please report directly to the supervisor of the facility you are working in and also complete the RNS Workplace Incident Form.